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ZeBundler is a Shopify application allowing you to build awesome product bundles and synchronize stock with existing products in your store. ZeBundler is fully compatible with Shopify inventory tracking.

We provide you a simple & smart UI to let you build bundle product in less than one minute. You can also use our Fashion set tools to build large Fashion Set in a few minutes.

Because you should never lose a sale if a bundle product or one of its components has a low inventory we notify you by e-mail.

It's not just about creating bundle but also which bundle to create. So we analyzing in real time your last orders to let you know which bundle to create at the moment to boost your sales. Our algorithm uses artificial intelligence process and our engineers and data-scientists working every day to improve the quality of recommendation.

Moreover, if you need any help about ZeBundler we provide a complete Documentation and if it's not enough we will be glad to help you 24/7.